The Ritman Library one year after reopening 4

The Ritman Library one year after reopening

Exactly twelve months after the festive reopening of The Ritman Library we are looking back with great satisfaction to a very dynamic and productive year in which we were able to launch a great many new projects. To ensure the continuity of the BPH as a scholarly research library, to offer digital access to the collection and to extend the role of the library as a forum for the world of art, culture and spirituality in the digital domain, the library initiated the pilot phase of its ‘Hermetically Open’ project in the autumn of 2012. This project, which is carried out in close cooperation with the Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents of the University Library of Amsterdam, will be formally launched in 2013.

The first contours of a ‘Global Hermetic Circle’ are beginning to emerge… so far, more than 2,350 people have already subscribed to our digital newsletter, while our Facebook page has 800+ likes. Naturally we wish our budding community to continue to expand in 2013 so please spread the word to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances!

This year the library also acted as patron of the ‘Convivencia; l’art de vivre ensemble’ conference in Toulouse, the ‘Sabarthez, berceau de l’humanité’ exhibition in Tarascon and the ‘Novikov and Russian Masonry’ jubilee conference  in the Rudomino Library in Moscow.

Following the success of the exhibition ‘Infinite Fire’, which ran until September 2012, the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica recently opened a new exhibition, ‘Alchemy on the Amstel’. During a special afternoon devoted to the exhibition on 19 November, Joost R. Ritman announced the birth of the ‘Phoenix Foundation’, which has been set up by the Ritman family to accommodate the private part of the collection of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. This collection at present contains some 23,000 manuscripts and printed works. The collection has been placed in trust with the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Foundation. This foundation hereby wishes to express its appreciation for this magnanimous gesture on the part of founder Joost R. Ritman, who has now taken yet another extremely important step securing his life’s work for the community.

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4 thoughts on “The Ritman Library one year after reopening

  • Klaus Gross

    Welch eine Fülle von Information,Wissen und Weisheit steckt in dieser wunderbaren Ausstellung! Alles. was dem Wahrheitssucher noch verborgen ist, kann hier entdeckt werden.
    Ich glaube, man muss dem Gründer und seinen Mitarbeitern von Herzen dankbar sein für die Liebe und Mühe, dieses Werk zu zeigen und lebendig zu halten.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Klaus Gross

  • todd pratum

    This library has been dear to me for 25-30 years and the apparent calumny that forced the sale of so many books broke the hearts of people here in the United States. After selling the BPH so many books over so many years, and watching how carefully they constructed their collections it was almost unbearable to hear of the sale. However! Life moves forward and so now does the BPH. Thank the Gods. Todd Pratum

  • Silvia Vasquez

    I can not fully express my relief and excitement upon learning that the Ritman library is open once more. Although I’ve not had the opportunity to visit yet, I am incredibly happy to know that I still have a chance to see this amazing collection. I hope this library will forever remain within the public’s reach.