Fireworks show: New year’s message of J.R. Ritman 2

Fireworks show: New year’s message of J.R. Ritman

Watch the New Year’s Message by the founder of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, Joost R. Ritman, and images of the fireworks show offered by The Ritman Library on Bloemgracht bridge at the foot of the Westertoren in Amsterdam every New Year’s Eve. There’s a new theme every year, in 2011-2012 the Resurrection of the Phoenix; in 2012-2013 Alchemy, the Art of Change.

The show has been designed by Pyrofoor de Amsterdam.

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2 thoughts on “Fireworks show: New year’s message of J.R. Ritman

  • Irina Lapshina

    Wonderful! I truly appreciate you sharing that with the world.Can’t wait for more video posting from the Ritman Library.
    Have a magic New Year! Prosperity. health, wealth, new acquisitions for the library and a great discoveries for all your colleagues!!!
    I’m particular interested in the Alchemical Path and would appreciate if you willl be so kind as to keep me posted on the video-lectures, potential seminars and video- tours of the precious materials you have at the Ritman Library.
    Thank you for entriching my life, as well as lives of millions of seekers all over the globe and continuing the opening of the Hermeticl Materials to all the people of our glorious world.
    Please, do not hesitate to contact me if I would be able to be of any service and could make a humble input into your research work.
    Cordially yours,Irina Lapshina.MS.

  • Paillard Jonas


    je recherche très activement un livre de Z W Leene (le frère de JVR) en anglais. Serais-il possible de m’envoyer un exemplaire avec une facture payable sous les 30 jours. J’attends cela depuis que j’ai lu appelés par le coeur du monde c’est à dire la conéfrence d’ussat 2012. Fraternement. Jonas Paillard. With all my love. Peacfully and Faithfully yours. Word iz life. Love and Harmony are 2 Soundz of The Eternal Tao… un jeune ééève…