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On Friday afternoon 8 March 2013, the Bloemstraat was for a few hours a little piece of Russia as distinguished guests Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Ekaterina Genieva and Alexandr Petrov, Director General and Executive Director of the Rudomino Library in Moscow, Yuri Chistov, Director of the Kunstkamera in St Petersburg, Sergey Korostelev of the Sobranie Fund and sculptor Ivan Korjev-Chuvelev attended the opening of ‘A curious Tsar: Peter the Great and Discovering Nature’s Secrets‘ in Amsterdam, the new exhibition in The Ritman Library, organized in the wake of the major exhibition ‘An Inspired Tsar‘; taking place in the Hermitage in Amsterdam.

The Russian guests of The Ritman Library visit the 17th-century period room in the offices of Joost R. Ritman. Joost Ritman points out to his guests a few engraved maps of Amsterdam which show the city as it must have appeared to Peter the Great when he visited Amsterdam during his Grand Embassy. But there is more in store for them…

Prior to the official opening, Esther Ritman, Director of The Ritman Library, took a small company, including a delighted Yuri Chistov and Ernst Veen, emeritus Director of the Nieuwe Kerk, to the former house of the great Amsterdam anatomist Frederik Ruysch, whose anatomical collections were bought by the Tsar and are now part of the Kunstkamera collections in St Petersburg.

The former house of Frederik Ruysch

Among the speakers at the opening were Mikhail Piotrovsky, Ekaterina Genieva, Hedy d’Ancona, board member of the BPH Foundation and Paul Mosterd, deputy director of the Hermitage on the Amstel, whose enthusiasm for ‘An Inspired Tsar’ now showing in the Hermitage in Amsterdam in turn inspired The Ritman Library to present a special exhibition on Peter the Great in the space of less than six weeks… 

In the presence of the sculptor, founder Joost Ritman spoke a few memorable words at the unveiling of the bust of the mason and enlightener Nikolai Ivanovic Novikov, a gift from the Sobranie Foundation. Novikov, the motor behind a number of publishing ventures which at one point were responsible for over 40% of all titles published in Russia, urged his people to: ‘Read, read, read’. We would now like to invite you to give us 8 minutes of your time to watch, watch, watch…

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  • maud arkesteijn van willigen

    Dear Friends, yesterday we visited the exhibition Peter the great in the Hermitage, really very nice and interesting, next time when we are in Amsterdam we will visit the exhibition in your museum, i wish you a lot of succes and a very nice statue you received from our russian friends, for the library.