José Bouman

José Bouman (1953) studied Dutch language and literature, specialising in medieval literature and book history. After having finished her studies she completed a postgraduate academic librarianship course. From 1984-2011 she worked full-time as curator of the BPH’s rare books and manuscripts collection, initially under director Frans Janssen, later under director Esther Oosterwijk-Ritman.
Since 2012 she has been working for the library on a freelance basis. Apart from being engaged as a curator of rare books, she is responsible for the acquisition, cataloguing and digitizing of pre-1800 books. She also gives tours of the library’s collection and prepares exhibitions.
She has mainly published on book-historical subjects, some of which are related to the collection, for instance the manuscript which served as copy-tekst for the printed edition of Jacob Böhme’s Mysterium magnum (In: Boek & letter : boekwetenschappelijke bijdragen ter gelegenheid van het afscheid van prof.dr. Frans A. Janssen als hoogleraar in de Boek- en bibliotheekgeschiedenis aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, eds. J. Biemans, L. Kuitert & P. Verkruijsse, Amsterdam 2004; in revised form also in: Jacob Böhmes Weg in die Welt (ed. T. Harmsen), Amsterdam 2007).