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The Last Taboo

We live in a culture that is completely suffused by the age-old Western Mystery Tradition, but if we’re not careful, information about this cornerstone of our civilization is going to be censored, or worse, this tradition will again become so oppressed that practitioners and scholars alike will be forced to go underground. The U.K. government wants to seal all information about the Western Mystery Tradition, the Golden Dawn, and the Pagan Traditions behind a family filter, thus making their websites inaccessible.

Years ago, in a Dutch television show, the hostess Sonja Barend remarked that by covering the actual subject, the last taboo had been broken. I don’t remember what the exact subject was, but I remember recalling in my head a series of taboos; a lot of them in the seventies covered subjects such as freedom of speech, sexual freedom, and emancipation. I now think these subjects are in direct relation to one another, but at the time I was not aware of that. The Internet did not yet exist, and something that did not cross my mind while I recalled these taboos was the possibility to censor the freedom to acquire information.
All this went through my mind when I spoke to Ina (Ina Cϋsters-van Bergen, head of an esoteric school). While journeying home from holiday in the U.K., she and her husband embarked on a long boat trip home from the north of the U.K.. An excellent opportunity to do some work on my website, Ina figured. To her amazement she was unable to get access to her website. “What is going on here?” she asked herself, to find out soon after.

Filtering, the new censorship
The British government is in the process of implementing a family filter that will make it impossible to access sites containing pornography or excessive violence through computers, tablets or smart phones. Sites that give information about suicide are to be filtered as well. Although disputable, they make a certain amount of sense. But the plan Cameron and his friends have come up with is considerably more far-reaching. And that is why Ina got upset: “Believe it or not, my esoteric site is behind the family filter. Everything we’ve put online is being filtered, and because of this I could not access my own website. In other words: censorship!”.
Although the filter had yet to be turned on, the ferry company had already put its own filter on their public internet access.
“It is complete madness that in this time and age people are being treated like they are not entitled to acquiring an opinion of their own, it is discriminating. Think of what this means for communities like my school, who teach esotericism, for Freemasons, Gnostic currents or another aspect of the Western Esoteric Tradition who use the internet to build international connections and exchange information! Especially in the U.K., where these traditions are deeply rooted in the culture and where there are so many esoteric schools, this is frightening news. Really the topics disappearing behind the family filters are pornography, excessive violence and esotericism.”

Inspiring knowledge buried
Still flabbergasted, and even a bit shaken that ‘her’ Western Tradition is being maltreated, she starts to get angry. “Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoga, all are welcomed in the West, by me too! But here in the West we also have an age-old tradition of spiritual development that serves Humanity and has enlightenment as a goal, though most people don’t even know about it. Beautiful Western esoteric systems, compatible with the Ayurveda systems from the Orient, lie in libraries collecting dust. Because they are so little known, they have been misunderstood, and now placed behind a family filter.”
“Esoteric schools with the goal of achieving the Great Work and providing spiritual training that enables people to manifest their missions in the world.” Ina’s definition of spirituality is to connect the divine part of yourself with the world around you. “Spirituality with roots”, she adds.
According to her our modern society suffers from a lack of spirituality. We live in a mechanical world wherein the spiritual component is broken. “People no longer understand spiritual language and they don’t know where to go when they have queries about spiritual issues.” Western Esotericism has become a complete labyrinth of trends, masters, and systems, populated by inexperienced teachers on the one hand and specialists on the other. “I understand that it is difficult for people to find their way through this labyrinth, that can at times be beset by quackery.”

Not out of the closet yet
“Openness in this field is developing slowly, in the Netherlands we now have an academic chair in Western Esotericism (History of Hermetic Philosophy) at the University of Amsterdam. The world’s biggest library concerning this age-old Western tradition is located in Amsterdam (The Ritman Library) but we still have a long way to go compared to other traditions, mostly Eastern orientated or Jewish-Christian; now Cameron wants to put our community behind a family filter. Absurd.”
“People who are members of my school still have difficulties facing discrimination. Students cannot be public about their membership, running the risk of losing their jobs because being associated with my school. Recently this almost happened to one of my students. Luckily it could be prevented by explaining our tradition, but it could very well have turned out differently.”
“I know, there is nothing new about suppression of information, because this has been happening to us for ages, but that does not mean we should accept this. Prejudice remains prejudice, which one should fight by taking action. My opinion is that people who work for the light must be able to do their work in full daylight.”
“And it is of the utmost importance that people know that we serve the light. That way they can find a listening ear when they find themselves in situations that are suspect. On the quest for spiritual enlightenment there are more options than becoming a Christian or a Buddhist,” according to Ina Cϋsters-van Bergen.

by Janny Leggedoor of Brightnezz

Ina Cüsters-van Bergen


Ina Cϋsters-van Bergen is the head of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight; her school offers an education in line with the teachings of the Golden Dawn. For more information go to

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8 thoughts on “The last taboo – Janny Leggedoor

  • Mirdad


    The western people don’t need to run to the East, to find a “guru”, or searching for spirituality: we have everything HERE IN THE WEST – eventhough this ancient treasury is hidden and sometimes – unfortunately it was – forbidden.

    There are dozens of known western scholars, authors, etc. for ages who have already discovered this; let’s mention just C.G.Jung, who was e.g. gnostic.

    Gnosis = Tao = Dharma:

    if a seeker has already found this very important eternal spiritual parallel, and also has discovered this FROM WITHIN, well, that’s the splendid beginning of a marvellous inner tour! Beyond heavy ideas, dogmas, religious institutions, cold HIERARCHIES (don’t forget the greek original: “HIERO ARCHE”= “HOLY ORDER”, which means a pure inner holy order!).

    The true and only religion is the religion of the pure heart & mind, conscious, as it was always in every age.

    The real spirituality is REALization – not pinky philosophy.

    “After the Tao came the morality. After the morality came the Law”, as the Tao says. Hopefully, the so-called “spiritual” people don’t forget to REALize even these lower grades before the Tao… 😉 🙂

    All the Best, Light & Power for us to REAlize the path of Gnosis, Tao, Dharma!

    • daniel morrell

      This plan to Censor access to the western hermitic tradition. This is the source of our western culture.

      Is a bit like trying to Censor access to buddhism in the east.

      Plato and the great philosophers would suggest here and now the state is acting in a pathological manner. Slipping one control under the guise of protection for other is un-democratic.

    • Joyce

      Forgive me for being critical but why is it such a bad thing to shelter children off from esoteric websites? Spiritual attainment is not a game and typically an adult enterprise. Perhaps I am not well enough acquinted with the workings of “family filters” but the principle itself does not seem that wrong to me. It should of course be possible for any grown up to deactivate the filter (otherwise it is indeed a violation of our democratic rights). Obviously it is another thing that misinformation by UK government may bring about an image of W.E. (in its broadest sense) as being from the same category as porno etc. But the point remains that esotericism is not for kids (in fact the whole notion of “esotericism” itself suggest that it is something that is not for everyone…)

      • David

        As you point out, it is demonising esoteric spirituality by associating it with those other unrelated types of content. I also see it as the thin edge of the wedge, in future it may be that you can’t turn off the filter for esoteric content, which makes it very important to speak up in protest about the current situation now.

        I agree spiritual attainment is not a game, therefore most children are not going to be interested in it so why by default block it for everyone else. There might be adults out there yet to be introduced to esotericism who may never find it if it is blocked by default which is apparently already happening on mobile phones and some community/public wifi’s in the UK. It is all heading in the direction of totalitarianism.

  • Martin

    Fascists.Its conspirational.Obviously the supression like jungian shadow will have a reverse effect.Thus a surge of interest on what i concealed focused on the dark.All those politicians are in their own dark cabal and act with intent.

  • Joe Walsh

    Dear Janny,

    Thank you for your article which highlights many important points.

    For people curious about our western tradition, the internet can provide many good sources for research. Having many sources allows one to compare and contrast the various points-of-view about a subject, so that the risk of being mislead or misdirected because of error or bias is lessened. Perhaps some are drawn initially to the study for less than mature reasons– but as one reads more and more of the material which legitimately comprises the tradition, it becomes obvious that the material is primarily concerned with elevating the consciousness and therefore useless for the kinds of anti-social purposes censoring claims to discourage. Exposure to the tradition is more likely to do the positive work of social improvement which censorship has historically failed to do.

    Programming and advertising, which encourages the family to consume indiscriminately and ignore common sense truths of diet and exercise has resulted in epidemics of obesity and other major health issues as well as the poisoning of the environment. Censors might instead look here for material truly suitable for family filtering.

    Thank you for calling attention to this problem in the UK. It is worth the effort seek a remedy.