Light as a feather!

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Light as a feather!

All the great ones of earth likely sought inspiration
in the light, in the self-explanatory. From childhood on
they looked out for that which never changes.
Staring at the moon, where does that light come from?
Why is she gone now, now half, why now a sliver?
Joshua, Moses, Mohammed, Lao Tse, Gautama, Socrates,
Zarathustra, all probably had strange questions
for those who loved and cared for them.
Unhindered by conventions
they were moved, stimulated, encouraged.
The moonlight that they saw, to translate . .
And so, adopting permanently into themselves,
teaching others, in essence we are . .
we are light, light as a feather!

From : Licht als een veertje!
Written by: Robert Zwemmer
Translation: Matthew Block









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