A lucky hit?

A few months ago the BPH acquired a number of anthroposophical works dating from the 1920s and 1930s. The collection not only consists of books, but also includes an admittance ticket to one of Rudolf Steiner’s mystery plays, Hüter der Schwelle. The name on the printed ticket, showing the Rosicrucian symbol designed by Steiner himself, is added by hand. While we were preparing for our current exhibition Beauty as the Imprint of the Cosmos, it turned out that the name referred to one of the artists to have participated in the first exhibition of works by the anthroposophical Aenigma artists group in 1918: Mania Kačer, paintress and sculptress. The ticket is tangible evidence of her affiliation with anthroposophy. Some of the works of the Aenigma artistic groups are now on show in the present exhibition.

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