Böhme’s legacy abused!

Böhme’s legacy abused!

The above words certainly do not apply to the International Jacob-Böhme-Institut (IJBI). This institute, established in Böhme’s native town of Görlitz, aims to bring the legacy of the theosopher and mystic Jacob Böhme to public attention and make it more accessible (www.jacob-boehme.org). Recently, the IJBI published a new volume containing contributions by nine authors:

Mystik und Totalitarismus. Eds. G. Bonheim and T. Regehly. Weissensee Verlag 2013

Of main interest in connection with the BPH’s collecting areas is a contribution on the reception of Meister Eckhart by Alfred Rosenberg, who was Hitler’s chief ideologist. Furthermore there are two articles dealing with Jacob Böhme and the national-socialist appropriation of his thought. The errors in the nazi reception of Böhme’s legacy are clearly outlined. Böhme was known as the great ‘philosophicus teutonicus’, though not in the way Hitler saw it!



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