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The New Year opened for The Ritman Library in a special way with a visit by Dan Brown, celebrated author of Inferno (to name only the most recent one of his bestsellers). Dan Brown greatly appreciated coming face to face with the primary sources of the Hermetic tradition as he was given a tour of the collection by the Ritman family and curator José Bouman.

Joost R. Ritman, Dan Brown, Rachel Ritman, Esther Ritman

Joost R. Ritman, Dan Brown, Esther Ritman, Rachel Ritman

In the press conference at the Rijksmuseum he said his visit to The Ritman Library had moved him very much. ‘This morning I was in The Ritman Library and there I saw the original documents about which I wrote in my book The Lost Symbol’, according to the jubilant author. As Dan Brown said at the end of his lecture in the Stadsschouwburg: “In the name of the dialogue and the sharing of ideas, I want to acknowledge what brought us together tonight in this beautiful space: simply books, those magical things that carry ideas over the boundaries of time, culture and language”. It is clear that books connect, and we are pleased to have received Dan Brown and his company and hope it will be the first of many such visits!

Joost R. Ritman, Dan Brown, Rachel Ritman, Esther Ritman

Dan Brown, Joost R. Ritman, Rachel Ritman, Esther Ritman

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