Word and Image: A Dancing Interplay by Alfred Bast 1

Wintersonnewende Nr. 7

Wintersonnewende Nr. 7

Project notes.

21 December 2012 – 21 December 2013. Every day I am drawing an image or writing a text. Sometimes only a word, on the two pages of an opening in a Reclam Universal Notebook. The two pages, who are at the same time one („Doppelseite“, a double spread), are already encouraging. They correspond to the face with its two halves, as well as both the hemispheres of the brain. They resemble the twin pair of word and imagine, which are still often in conflict with each other. Oppositions like word and image have long existed in a great many cultures, even within ourselves. It feels as if these oppositions are often directly facing each other, but that the river of life is separating, instead of connecting, them.

However, in my small Universal Notebook the seeming oppositions are invited to work together. Every day/night I draw an image and write a text. It is an art and a way to keep the door to intuitive levels open. It can connect to others. Self-display? No! It is about making landing sites for higher intelligences. The puzzle… and its solution are where we do not expect them: in the unfathomable depths of the near vicinity.


As I write and paint, it isn’t about the fulfilling of a discipline of an everyday exercise I imposed on myself. Instead, it is about recognizing each day as a unique and fulfilling day. Every day the pulsating All is present. Not one day is like the other, yet the All connects something that is more than the sum of a multitude of days.


The saying „You shall not make for yourself an idol“ cautions against the danger of worshipping the image. By turning ideas and images into idols, they adjust and prevent what they are trying to show. However, the rejection of Form is not a solution. Although the world we live in might be an illusion, it is also an expression of divine reality depending on the way we are able to perceive her. We shape the world we live in.
The time-spatial phenomenal world is the gown of the Eternal through the fact that she conceals a lot, but at the same time reveals. “Maya” is not only the goddess of deception but also of knowledge.

Word and image were developed as „Two in One“ in mankind. As instruments of knowledge they lay in our hand. Indeed! The hands, with their own intuitive intelligence often transcend the rational mind. Like skilled horses they find their way through the dangerous swamp of conflicting opposites. What instinct is for animals, intuition is for man. Intuition does not just mean having a few good ideas, rather it means a new body to allow spiritual breathing. If man’s inner intuition cannot breathe, the known “fight for survival” has the upper hand until man is again able to draw new breath from the spiritual sphere.


In light of the new media, the old means and possibilities prove their value. Both are able to complement each other. This is also the idea behind this project. It is brought about by the simplest means: pencil, brush, paint, paper. It can be communicated via the new media. Likewise, not only text and images connect and integrate, but also the oldest and newest forms of communication.

I work at no fixed times. Sometimes I only have 10 minutes, sometimes 10 hours. I rely on the intuitive level and I am ready to receive. Sometimes it’s just a word, or a tiny sketch. It is often like a trace, or like a tiny tip of something, which I then, while drawing and writing, pour into the material and make it perceivable. It is almost always surprising, fresh and nourishing. The floating intuitive impulse and the concrete transposition into words and images work hand in hand. Work? Mostly they dance together!


Candles and Stars

When I enter with my individual creativity (creativity is always individual), into a spiritual cathedral, such as the collection of The Ritman Library is, I am well aware that I am only holding a tiny light in my hands, compared to the sun which shines there.

However, at the same time I gladly recognize that it is the same Light.

The same fire burns in a candle as in a star, and a water drop dreams of the ocean.

The Small recognizes the Large and the Large recognizes the Small as one and the same.

Then the veils of Time and Space release the innermost being.

The goal is achieved like a birth out of death.

Now the timeless journey in the spaceless golden ground begins.
Now is the beginning of that which never ends.
Always now.

Three smiling Egyptian eternities act as godfathers

The ever rejuvenating
The ever changing
The eternally existent

For more information on the work of Alfred Bast, have a look here:  http://www.reclam.de/special/alfred_bast


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  • Vernon McVety Jr.

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the illustration Sacred Geometrical InnerStar. That may not be the precise name or title. But it is a depiction of the theosophical eye in the heart containing the “inner star” in the eye surrounded by an elaborate geometrically-figured cosmic globe. It is referred to by Paracelsus as Divine Imagination (as captioned). And spoken of by CG Jung in his speech about Paracelsus (Collected Works). It is not displayed, for some reason, in any collections of sacred geometry online, or in any publication. Your help will be appreciated. Thank you.