Exhibition ‘Göttliche Weisheit – Göttliche Natur in Basel, Switzerland 1

Exhibition ‘Göttliche Weisheit – Göttliche Natur in Basel, Switzerland

As part of the Four Hundred Years of Rosicrucian Manifestoes jubilee, the Ritman Library and the International Rosycross Foundation will be presenting the BPH exhibition Divine Wisdom – Divine Nature in several countries from 2014-2017. Having started in Calw in 2014, the venues will be chosen in consultation with partner libraries and academic and cultural institutions.

The exhibition Göttliche Weisheit – Göttliche Natur’ (Divine Wisdom – Divine Nature) will be showing in the SCALA in Basel, Switzerland from 6-7 June 2015 on the occasion of the two-day conference ‘Gesellschaft, Individuum und Planet – Wohin?’ (Society, individual and planet… where to?)


Symposium/Exhibition/Film             Society, individual and planet… where to?

SCALA Basel, Switzerland                           Saturday, June 6, 14.00 pm
Freie Strasse 89                                             Sunday, June 7, 16.00 pm


Through a radical crisis towards an all-embracing transformation
Are there universal principles leading to a healing development both in the greater as well as in the smaller world?

400 Years of Rosicrucian Manifestoes
Paracelsus –a viable approach to current problems?

Present developments increasingly put pressure on man and the planet. There is a growing awareness that a symptom-oriented approach is insuffient. Mankind is facing a point of no return. The present crisis offers the opportunity for a quantum leap of our consciousness, involving a fundamental change in all areas of life. Man is able to understand that everything he encounters on the outside has a counterpart in his own being. Anyone is able to contribute to the reformation of the whole by altering the state of his or her consciousness.

The contributions to this symposium are meant to illustrate possible approaches towards transformation for the individual, for the planet and for society. Common principles towards a comprehensive healing may thus become clear.

Moderator: Dr. Günther Friedrich
The symposium programme includes live musical performances.

Saturday evening: screening of the documentary film Journey into the Unexpected – Fama Fraternitatis Rosicrucian Manifestoes 1614-2014. Searching for traces. A film by Wolfgang Jung and Reinhard Eichelbeck.


Sat, 06/06/2015

14:00 pm Doors open
14:15 pm Esther Ritman:
Introduction to the exhibition ‘Divine Wisdom – Divine Nature’
15:00 pm Dr. Roger Kalbermatten:
The Rosicrucian manifestos – an impulse to the Reformation of Society across time
16:00 pm Tea break
16:30 pm Prof. Dr. Peter Selg:
Paracelsus’ medical ethics
17:30 pm Break
19:00 pm Film screening: Journey into the Unexpected

Sun, 07/06/2015

10:00 am Prof. Dr. Bernd Senf:
Wilhelm Reich – Foundations for the living evolvement in man, nature and society
11:00 am Dr. Ute Schendel:
The alchemy of the soul – illness as a societal phenomenon and transformation
of the individual
12:00 am Lunch Break
13:45 pm Dieter Broers:
The Apeiron and the nature of reality
(Apeiron is a term denoting primary matter (after Anaximander))
14:45 pm crystallizing areas of overlap…
Panel discussion
16:00 pm Conclusion


Esther Ritman
is director of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica in Amsterdam, arguably the most important collection of works devoted to hermetism, alchemy, mysticism, Rosicrucians, comparative religion, and Western esotericism.
The exhibition Divine Wisdom – Divine Nature. The message of the Rosicrucian Manifestoes in the Visual Language of the Seventeenth Century and the accompanying publication contain extraordinary images from the environment of the authors of the Rosicrucian manifestoes.
The exhibition shows how inspired artists represented the relationship between God ¬– Nature and the Macrocosm – Microcosm, offering paths of transformation for both mankind and society.

Dr. Roger Kalbermatten
from Kesswil is a chemist. He is concerned with the spiritual principles in science and develops methods for the production of herbal medicines on this basis. He is the founder of Ceres remedies AG. He has published on the essence and signature of medicinal plants.
Because of the increasing fragmentation and complexity of knowledge and reality, we seem to lose our rootedness in nature. How can we learn to recognize once more the healing principle, the unity in diversity?
All that exists is continually subject to the following three phases: creation, sustainment and transformation.
If we succeed in bringing these three processes back to their fundamental principles, which are valid on all levels, we might thus be able to find a way out of the current crisis.

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Selg
is director of the Ita Wegman Institute for Basic Research into Anthroposophy in Arlesheim and teaches medical anthropology and ethics at the University of Witten-Herdecke and at the College of Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter. He has published numerous works on the professional biography of Rudolf Steiner, on anthroposophy and its societal significance and on fundamental issues of medicine.
Peter Selg describes Paracelsus’ intellectual outlook and his specific medical attitude, his unconditional courage to heal, which was rooted in a Christian-esoteric worldview and understanding of man.
His contribution will also throw light on Rudolf Steiner’s views on Paracelsus’ work with regard to medicine.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Senf
Prof. Dr. Bernd Senf held a chair at the Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft in Berlin from 1973-2009. For several decades he has been deeply engaged in the work of Wilhelm Reich and other life-energy researchers. He has contributed greatly to disseminating this long-forgotten knowledge and to conveying relevant experiences through publications, lectures and workshops.
The discovery and use of vital energy by Wilhelm Reich and other researchers enables a deeper understanding of many diseases and opens ways of bioenergetic treatment and healing.
By carefully loosening energy blockades and by bioenergeticaly charging weakened organisms and living systems it is possible to enhance self-healing in humans and in the environment (water, soil, plants and atmosphere). In this way, even deserts can be converted into fertile land.

Dr. med. Ute M. Schendel
Ute Schendel has worked as an internist / rheumatologist in clinics and surgeries around Bad Münder for more than 30 years,. Her main concern is the holistic view of humans and disease. She has studied Gnostic and mystical paths of the West, particularly the alchemy of Paracelsus. Ute Schendel demonstrates by way of the alchemical views of Paracelsus how stages of soul development can alter consciousness and lead to a new perspective on our lives. Diseases and other disasters encroaching on our lives can lead to truly new perspectives.

Dieter Broers
Dieter Broers has been committed to building bridges between science and spirituality all his life. As a bio-physicist, he has been researching the fields of frequency and regulation therapy since the 1980s. He has obtained patents for his inventions in 85 countries. His published works are bestsellers and provide an impetus to a change in awareness.
The meaning of existence is aimed at a hidden higher development of mental and societal forces. Our entire material existence is the result of a spiritual dimension, which is not subject to polarities. In the timeless and spaceless eternity of the Apeiron, all primordial elements of future existence were conceived in aeonic thoughts, thoughts that have continued to manifest themselves anew from the beginning of time.

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