Modern approaches to the Hermetica

Modern approaches to the Hermetica

The message of the Hermetica can be studied from a historical perspective but can also be implemented in modern life. Robert Anderson Plimer is a modern-day Hermeticist and Alchemist who offers courses in alchemy and the Hermetica. Students have the opportunity to discuss and debate the significance and usefulness of the Hermetica in line with the occult traditions of the day.

Robert Plimer

As Plimer explains:

“Behind my own theory and practice of alchemy is that of Hermetic philosophy and for that reason, I wanted to take the opportunity to expand on some of the theoretical ideas contained in my earlier book Decoding Alchemy, Spagyrics in Theory & Practice (soon to be updated and republished by Courtyard Publishing). Therefore initially, I began writing An Introduction to Hermetic Philosophy, as an explanation to fellow alchemists; and whereby, illustrating how ‘theoretical ideas’ found in alchemical praxis were rooted in the Hermetica & Latin Asclepius.

The books, soon however, developed into more of a ‘user friendly’ theosophical and methodological excursus into how such teachings as those narrated in the Hermetica could be used. I had always felt that the Hermetica themselves to be somewhat labyrinthine-like, and with seemingly, no one fixed philosophical overview. For this reason, I decided to extract and assemble a more organised, but fully integrated theosophy from the texts, and from which, my fellow alchemists could supplement and integrate their own alchemical praxis with the original Hermetic teaching and philosophy.”

R.A.Plimer Books

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