House rules



  1. You must be in possession of a valid library pass (day pass or annual pass).
  2. Please leave your coats and bags (including handbags) in the cloakroom. There are lockers for your belongings.
  3. Phoning, photography, filming, videotaping and audiotaping within the library are not allowed.
  4. Eating and smoking is not allowed in the library.
  5. Drinking is only allowed in the area near the water cooler.
  6. You only have access to the public areas on the ground floor and the reading room on the first floor. Please leave the building during the lunch break between 12:30 and 13:30.
  7. Please act respectfully towards the library staff, other visitors and the building at all times.



  1. Books must be consulted in the reading area on the ground floor or in the reading room on the first floor.
  2. You can access the online catalogue via the two computers in the reading room. These computers must only be used to check the catalogue. You are requested not to use the computers for more than fifteen minutes when there are more readers needing to consult the catalogue.
  3. You may use your own laptop. Wifi is available throughout the building.
  4. You may take books from the open shelves but please make sure to leave one of the red shelf markers in place. Books must be left on the tables and will be returned by the staff at the end of the day.
  5. Writing in books or damaging them in any way is strictly forbidden.
  6. Photocopying modern books not subject to copyright is allowed only after having consulted a member of staff and against payment.
  7. Scans of images or texts can be ordered from a member of staff against payment. A reproduction fee will also be charged.
  8. You are not allowed to take books out of the library. Library staff may ask you to inspect your bags when you leave the library.
  9. Please apply by e-mail two days in advance to consult pre-1800 books or manuscripts. You will need to sign a form for this.
  10. You must adhere to the special regulations laid down in the form for consulting pre-1800 material.